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Diagnostics and Endoscopy Department

Diagnostic and Endoscopy Department of Medical Centre is a multilevel institution. 

This department includes endoscopy room, USI-rooms, functional diagnostic rooms and neurophysiology studies room. A momentous event in history of cooperation with Freiburg University Clinic was visit of senior gastroenterologist Mr. H. Schwach in order to conduct some master-class sessions with regard to endoscopic diagnostic and introduction of hi-tech operative methods. The result of this cooperation was compliance of endoscopic diagnostic methods used to European standards.

This department is provided with modern equipment by world leading producers, such as Olympus, Siemens Sonoline, Acuson Sequoia etc.

The head of the department is specialist with the higher category  of functional diagnostics  Mr. Daniyar Abdrakhmanov

Following studies and examination are provided by this department:

1. Endoscopy: using video systems Olympus (Japan). All studies could be recorded (photo, video) in VHS or CD format.

  • Gastroscopy

  • Colonoscopy

  • Fibre-optic bronchoscopy

  • Proctoscopy


  • pH-metering of GIT

  • Target biopsy

  • Polypectomy

  • Endoscopic methods of haemostasis

  • Removal of foreign bodies

2. Ultrasound Investigations:

  • Echocardiography with Doppler cardiography and Colour Doppler Sonography

  • Hepato-duodenal area USI

  • Kidney USI

  • Urine bladder USI

  • Prostate gland USI (trans-abdominal or trans-rectal)

  • Small pelvis USI (trans-abdominal or trans-rectal)

  • Obstetric USI (screening USI with foetal Doppler Sonography)

  • Mammary gland USI

  • Soft tissues USI

  • Thyroid gland USI

  • Pleural cavity USI

  • Scrotum organs USI

  • Neuro-sonography

  • Ultrasound Doppler Sonography (brachyocephalic arteries)

  • Transcranial US Doppler Sonography

  • Summary US Doppler Sonography of brachyocephalic arteries

  • Peripheral vessels investigation

  • Echo-salpingography

3. Functional study methods:

  • ECG with computer interpretation

  • ECG with estimation of prognostic risk of acute coronary insufficiency (risk registration and interpretation using computerised ECG-apparatus Page Writer XLI, Hewlett Packard)

  • ECG under physical load and bicycle ergometry (using running track Series 1000 Treadmill or bicycle ergometer Variobike 500, under control of continuous ECG-monitoring by complex Caridosoft, GE Medical Systems, USA).

  • Spirography (using digital pneumatic tachometer KOMED MS-22, Hungary; with therapeutic and physiologic therapy departments, as well as in case of any prescription medicament decision samples to select individual therapy method for chronic broncho-pulmonary diseases)

  • Daily AP monitoring (using monitors Pressure-Track, Suntech Medical Instrument Ltd, USA)

  • Audiometry (using clinic audio-metering device Madsen Electronics, ЕС)

4. Neurophysiologic Studies:

  • Echoencephalography (computerised echoencephalograph MBN, Russia).

  • Routine computerised echoencephalography (echoencephalograph Alvar, France, software MBN, Russia) with standard set of functional samples (eye opening, hyperventilation, photo-stimulation, phono-stimulation)

  • Electro-neuromyography that includes investigation of motor and sensitivity fibres conductivity of upper and lower extremities’ nerves; decrement-test to define reliability of neuromuscular transmission, surface electromyography using computerised apparatus Neuromyovok, MBN, Russia.

This department provides services for patients from all departments of Medical Centre, outpatients and commercial patients. Outpatients can appoint time in advance.

Contact phone: +7 7102 78 19 47 (the Head of the Department)

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