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Physical therapy

The work of the physiotherapy Department.

To therapeutic physical factors include a fairly large number of types of treatment. In our Department, we use more than 20 types of therapy, such as:

1. Treatment current, there are several devices that give more than 100 types of currents in the branch is used mainly electrophoresis, Bernard currents, sinusoidal modulated currents (SMC), Percutaneous electroneurostimulation, DENS, interference currents in continuous and pulsed mode. The currents have analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, anti-allergic effects. The first two acts are their main. Each of these currents has, in turn, their more pronounced specific effect. For example, Percutaneous electroneurostimulation is often used to stimulate weakened muscles, DENS to Express the quick analgesic effect, a electrophoresis for the additional introduction of medicinal substances and thus enhance the desired effect close to the pathological focus, etc.

2. Thermotherapy: paraffin, tourmaline mattress, local heat from the devices of and "Fairy". Due to heat is vasodilation, blood flow with nutrients, the outflow of the decay products, p/inflammatory, decongestant, analgesic action. Noteworthy tourmaline mattress that restores warmth in the body, restore biobalance body, improve metabolism, relieve.

3. Hydrotherapy: baths, hydromassage, underwater shower-massage, parsauni. Turpentine baths, which are used to treat a variety of pathological conditions, causing the opening in the collapsed capillaries and the expansion of the operating lumen, thereby improving blood circulation.

4. Magnetic therapy is a good remedy in diseases of the musculoskeletal system: fractures, osteomyelitis, vascular disorders. Restores microcirculation, relieve, improve metabolism.

5. Phototherapy is represented by many varieties, this ultraviolet irradiation, laser therapy, quantum therapy, BIOPTRON, votary. Basically this methods of emergency in ENT diseases, surgery, trauma, skin diseases, because they have bactericidal, anti-inflammatory, wound healing properties. 

6. Inhalation nebulizer. Is the introduction of medicinal substances directly into the respiratory tract and fast deadlines for achieving the therapeutic effect. Prescribed for pneumonia, bronchitis, acute respiratory infections. Introduced bronchodilatory, mucolytic agent, hormones and antibiotics and it must be a special nebula.
7. Ultrasound therapy – has the resolving, bactericidal, suction, anti-inflammatory, analgesic action. Helps with eye, gynecological, joint problems, asthma – relieves bronchospasm and brings many years of accumulation of respiratory tract. 

8. Different massages: classic, dot, segmental-reflex, hardware, vibromassage, lymphatic drainage. For those who have problems (tumors, warts and moles on the place) is done reflexology on the feet (Indian). 

9. Oral oxygen therapy (oxygen cocktails).

10. Medical gymnastics, classes at the gym.

11. Phytotherapy (medicinal teas).

In the appointment of physiotherapy, preference is given to exchange rate effects low frequency effects, when not only the gradual summation of effects, but there is a protective footprint and preserve the therapeutic effect in aftereffect.
17 июня 2017
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