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Functional diagnostics of the nervous system

Elektroneyromigrafiya (ENMG) - a diagnostic method of function of a peripheric nervous system. By means of electric impulses the place, extent of disturbance of their carrying out is defined.

ENMG is the cornerstone use of electric stimulation of a nerve with the subsequent analysis of parameters of the caused potentials recorded from the innervated muscle or a nervous trunk.

Indications are defined by the attending physician for specification of the diagnosis, definition of tactics of treatment, the forecast and dynamics of a disease of a nervous system. The most frequent among indications:

  • tunnel syndromes and neuropathies;

  • radiculopathy (at osteochondrosis and dorsodynias);

  • plexopathies of various genesis, etc.

  • diabetes mellitus (for detection of polyneuropathy of the lower and top extremities);

  • myasthenia;

  • protrusions of an intervertebral disk.

Contraindications: there are no contraindications.

Preparation: pure surface of a body. Special preparation isn't required.


Electroencephalography (EEG) call the method of a research of work of a brain which is based on registration of the electric impulses proceeding separate of its zones and areas. Such diagnostics has practically no contraindications; is fundamental for detection of epilepsy and some other pathologies of a brain. Registration of EEG is made by the device the electroencephalograph through special electrodes which are established on the patient's head.

Indications: epilepsy, attacks of spasms, sleep disorder, faints, headaches, dizzinesses, traumatic brain injury, inflammatory diseases of  the central nervous system, neurotic disorders, delay of speech development, cerebrovascular accident.

Preparation. Before an electroencephalography of a brain and the day before it is impossible to use some tonics (carry coffee, tea, energy drinks to them). Hair at EEG have to be dry and pure, without drawing laying means. The procedure is painless, safe, has no contraindications.


Ekhoentsefalografiya — a noninvasive method of a research of a brain by means of an ultrasonic ekhografiya.

Ekhoentsefalografiya doesn't demand special preparation. There are no age limits, it is possible to conduct examination during pregnancy and during feeding by a breast. On average the ekhoentsefalografiya lasts about 15 minutes. Neither in time, nor after the procedure the patient doesn't feel unpleasant feelings.

On the head of the patient the sensors connected to the device are installed. At an ekhoentsefalografiya position of median structures of a brain is fixed and through it it is estimated volume relationship of cerebral hemispheres. Ekhoentsefalografiya is carried out lying. It is important to keep an immovability that results haven't been distorted.
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