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Офтальмологическое отделение

 Ophthalmological Department

Ophthalmological service of the Medical Centre includes clinic (ophthalmological department) and ophthalmological room in the polyclinic of the Medical Centre.

Ophthalmological Department has been established in 2004. The head of the department is ophthalmologist of the 1st category Mrs. GulmiraOtinshina.

This department has 15 beds and provides planned and urgent medical assistance for adults and children.

The surgery block of the department is equipped with modern ophthalmic surgery microscope, microsurgery set for operations in case of cataract, glaucoma, strabismus, myopia, various eye injuries, as well as set of tools to implant IOL (intraocular lenses) and to provide any type of outpatient surgery. The department can also provide operative interventions in case of juvenile strabismus or tear duct cleaning and intubation of newborns.

The department has a wide range of medicaments and artificial crystalline lenses ALCON practicing computerised selection of IOL. The definition of the eye internal cover condition using USI equipment and other special types of eye investigation give the doctors a possibility to make a diagnosis and order adequate treatment.

Medical personnel of the ophthalmological department have required qualifications to provide full range of ophthalmologic assistance to patients having eye pathologies. Responsive, well-wishing and attentive attitude of the medical personnel to the patients promotes their recovery within shortest period of time.

There are comfortable one-, two- and three-bed rooms available having single washrooms and shower rooms.

We cooperate with the branch of the Kazakh Research Institute of Eye Diseases in Astana and leading laser surgeon RK Vladimir Rajewski

Contact phone: +7 7102 744345(the Head of the Department)


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17 июня 2017
Happy medical worker's day!
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