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Cooperation with Freiburg University Clinic

"Medical Centre  Zhezkazgan" has close and fruitful cooperation with Freiburg University Clinic. Due to this cooperation in medical sciences we constantly implement new advanced methods of medical treatment using highly developed technologies.

Freiburg University Clinic had been established in 1457 on the basis if Albert-Ludwig-University in Freiburg being one of the most reputable and oldest German University. Currently Freiburg University Clinic is one of the largest medical institutions in Europe.

This clinic currently represents all medical trends in modern medicine.

The clinic includes 14 specialised clinics, 5 institutes, 5 centres and most modern laboratories.

Cooperation Milestones


During first visit of representatives from Freiburg Clinic to Medical Centre we had created the foundation of the long-term cooperation in order to introduce European standards of medical services in our Medical Centre.


Several projects had been implemented.

1. Improved level of medical services in anaesthesia and intensive care.

Within the frame of this project our colleagues from Freiburg professor Mr. H. Kopp and doctor-anaesthetist Mr. W. Kehm had spent 3 weeks training our anaesthetists. They conducted theoretical and practical training sessions and provided our doctors with theoretical material for further self-development, and in addition they made several recommendations how to equip our surgery blocks. We purchased and installed this equipment later. Currently we have implemented advanced methodologies and medical technologies in out department of anaesthesiology, resuscitation and intensive care.

2. Expanded Capabilities in Laparoscopy Surgery

In this area of cooperation we had arranged 6-weeks practice training for surgeon from our Medical Centre on the basis of surgical department in Freiburg University Clinic to understand new technologies of minimally invasive laparoscopy operations and various ‘open’ and reconstructive operations. Currently those technologies have been actively implemented in surgical department of the Medical Centre.

3. Computed Tomography

Within the frame of this project on the basis of the University Clinic we arranged training session for our doctor-radiologist and two technical assistants to understand methods of CT-result interpretation and CT-investigation of organs and systems with further use of acquired knowledge in our Medical Centre. In addition Freiburg Clinic provided consultancy in selection of CT-equipment and accessories for radiology department of the Medical Centre. According to the recommendations of Freiburg specialists we had selected and purchased hi-tech multispiral CT of the last generation Somatom Sensation 64 (Siemens).


1. Improved Quality of Laboratory Studies

The head of the Medical Centre laboratory had one-week development course in Freiburg University Clinic with regard to advanced methods and standards of laboratory studies. Within the frame of this project she had studied methods of laboratory management, equipment and its capabilities, as well as system of computer accounting and date processing. The acquired knowledge and recommendations have been successfully implemented in laboratory of the Medical Centre.

2. Nursing Care

This project was implemented in two stages.

On the basis of University Clinic – we arranged training courses for medical nurses from Zhezkazgan clinics with regard to nursing care process management and methods of middle medical personnel work in different departments. In the course of this cooperation work they discussed in detail principles of control and training system for medical personnel.

On the basis of Medical Centre – in order to conduct development courses and to implement advanced technologies in nursing care in Zhezkazgan Freiburg University Clinic had sent nursing care teaching specialist Mr. E. Born and nursing care service manager Mrs. S. Rode. In the course of this session they had conducted several master-class trainings with several reports held on morning conferences and daily work in departments, surgical theatres and intensive care department.

We had obtained some recommendations and proposals to improve quality management in nursing care which have been successfully implemented later.


1. Clinical Cardiology

Cardiologist from Medical Centre had training courses in Freiburg University Clinic. He was familiarised with daily routine and order in cardiologic and cardiac surgery department, resuscitation and intensive department; and also he had training courses with regard to advanced diagnostic and medical treatment methods in clinical cardiology and echocardioscopy. They discussed in detail functional cardiologic methods of investigations and studied modern conservative methods of medical treatment.

Currently those methods and technologies have been implemented in our Medical Centre.

2. Internal Medicine

We arranged training courses for our therapists with regard to advanced diagnostic methods and medical treatment of internal organs diseases by sending senior gastroenterologist Mr. H. Schwach from University Clinic in order to conduct development courses and to implement advanced medical technologies in endoscopy in Zhezkazgan.

We had introduced following hi-tech endoscopy operations:

  • Retrograde pancreato-cholangiography

  • Papillosphincterotomy

  • Mechanical extraction of common bile duct stones

  • Polypectomy from GIT

Our cooperation in this area continues actively.

3. Long-term specialisation of doctor- otolaryngologist from Medical Centre

Currently doctor-otolaryngologist from Medical Centre has long-term special training courses in Freiburg University Clinic on the basis of the programme of doctor’s formation and development in Germany; after this training he will be applying and implementing advanced technologies in the Medical Centre in Zhezkazgan.



In 2009 we started cooperation work in telemedicine.

Telemedicine is a unique opportunity to have direct contact to German doctors staying in your home country. You can contact via secured Internet-connection channel and have consultancy from high-class German specialist to obtain ‘second opinion’ that helps defining correct diagnosis, required therapy and further recommendations for following rehabilitation.

Within the frame of this project Freiburg University Clinic X-ray Diagnostic Department provides services which allow obtaining medical conclusions ‘second opinion’ using X-ray pictures and CT-pictures via tele-tunnel from Medical Centre.


Long-term specialisation of doctor- otolaryngologist from Medical Centre

In March 2010 this project “Long-term specialisation of doctor- otolaryngologist from Medical Centre in Freiburg University Clinic on the basis of the programme of doctor’s formation and development in Germany” had been completed. During two years our doctor- otolaryngologist had opportunity to higher his qualification working in Freiburg Clinic as otolaryngologist and being supervised by experienced professors and doctors. In 2011 we plan to establish otolaryngology department in Medical Centre, where it is planned to introduce European methods and technologies in diagnostic and medical treatment of ENT-diseases. 

International Congress in Freiburg University Clinic

In June 2010 delegation from Medical Centre was invited by our partners to attend International Congress in Freiburg University Clinic that was arranged due to 10th anniversary of International Medical Services Centre  (IMS).

The professors from University Clinic and their partners had several reports before congress members. The Director-Head Doctor of the Medical Centre also had a report dedicated to cooperation with University Clinic. The invited guests had an opportunity to make a tour across Clinic’s departments, to have some sessions and meetings with leading specialists. The head of the surgical department of the Medical Centre had spent three working days in Surgical Clinic that was a continuation of the joint project “Expanded Capabilities in Laparoscopy Surgery” being implemented since 2006.

Participation in congress work is a new stage having great importance for development and strengthening of close friendly relations between two medical institutions. 

2nd stage of the project “Internal Medicine”

In the end of 2010 we had implemented 2nd stage of the project “Internal Medicine” that included training of our specialist from functional diagnostic department in Freiburg University Clinic on the basis of the endoscopy department in Gastroenterology, Hepatology, Diabetology and Endocrinology Centre.

The key subject of this training course was the diseases of the biliary tract, endoscopic methods of diagnostic, endoscopy manipulations and operations.

2nd stage of the project "Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care"

We also continued our cooperation work within the frame of the project “Improved quality of medical services in anaesthesia and intensive care”. Our doctor-anaesthesiologist had opportunity to improve his qualification within one month term being worked together with his German colleagues in surgical blocks and intensive care rooms in Freiburg University Clinic, where he was familiarised with methods of general and neuro-axial anaesthesia, patients’ monitoring in surgical block and intensive care rooms in accordance with European standards.

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