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Neurological Department

Neurological Department of the Medical Centre has been established in 2011. This department has 25 beds with total annual capacity – 900 people treated.

The head of this department is experienced neuropathologist of the high category Mrs. Sholpan Zhabaspayeva.
The department provides medical services for patients of neurological profile with following pathologies:
  • Peripheral nervous system diseases
  • Blood vessel diseases
  • Demyelinating diseases
  • Genetic diseases
  • Vegetative nervous system diseases
  • consequences of the postponed craniocerebral and vertebral and spinal injuries;
  • different types of a headache (migraine, strain headache, etc.);
  • genetic diseases (myopathies, ataxy);
  • epilepsy and convulsive syndrome;
  • extrapyramidal lesions of a nervous system (Parkinson's illness, essential tremor, etc.);
  • mono - and polyneuropathy of various origins; 
The basic trend of our department is the rehabilitation of the patients including patients after insults, nervous system injuries, and neurosurgical interventions. The rehabilitation includes complex of medicament treatment, therapeutic physical training with instructor, massage, various physiological procedures, and restoration of the disturbed cognitive functions with psychotherapist and also individual trainings with psychologist. Also our doctors introduced vertebral extension using modern computerised equipment Sakai. 

In order to make a correct diagnosis our specialists apply all up-to-date methods and approaches to neurological patients; there are developed and successfully applied medical treatment routines.

We have contacts to neurological clinics in Karaganda, Almaty, Astana, University Clinic in Freiburg (Germany). In particular in the Medical Center the training programs for neurologists for a telemedicine are carried out – in 2013 within 3 months completed a course of lectures of the leading neurologists, radiologists of the Freiburg University clinic on the subject "Modern Diagnostics and Treatment of Strokes". "The protocol of thrombolytic therapy at an ischemic stroke" is introduced.
The main task which is set for itself by department – improvement of quality of life of the patient, knocking over of an exacerbation of neurologic diseases, rehabilitation of the patient with necessary recommendations in case of the statement on the house, and also matching of medicines for out-patient treatment.

Contact phone: +7 7102 74-43-53 (the Head of the Department)

video guide about the department

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17 июня 2017
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