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The spirography – a method of registration of volumes and rates of respiratory movements, is carried out by means of special devices (lung-testers, spirocounts, etc.). At its passing it is necessary to consider that though this research is intended for a research of respiratory system, it significantly depends on a set of factors. Besides, the spirographic research is limited to contraindications.

Contraindications for carrying out a spirographic research.

Absolute contraindications:

  • Children of younger age groups (up to 4 years).

  • Mentally incomplete persons.

  • The persons who aren't interested in a research.

  • The persons suffering from serious degree of a pulmonary heart.

  • The persons suffering from a myasthenia.

  • Pulmonary bleeding.

  • Recently postponed myocardial infarction (less than 3 months).

  • Recently had stroke (less than 3 months).

  • Hypertensive crisis, high arterial pressure.

  • The taped aneurism (thoracic, abdominal, cerebral) or suspicion of it.

  • The expressed pain syndrome of any localization.

  • Recently carried out surgical intervention on organs to a thorax, an abdominal cavity.

  • The epilepsy demanding drug treatment.

  • Dementia, confusion of consciousness.

  • The complicated pregnancy.

  • Trauma and a disease of the maxillofacial device at which it is impossible to achieve tightness of connection to a biteboard.

Relative contraindications:

  • Existence of a language barrier.
  • The expressed hearing depression.

  • High temperature.

  • Severe paroxysmal cough.

  • Purulent otites.

  • Any acute infectious diseases.

  • Pneumorrhagia of any etiology.

  • Gross obesity (IV Art.).

  • Refusal of the patient.

Conditions of carrying out research

Obligatory preliminary conversation of the attending physician, awareness of need of carrying out this research by the patient.

It is desirable to conduct a research on an empty stomach or in 1 hour after mild meal, or in 2 hours after plentiful meal.

The clothes of the patient shouldn't squeeze a thorax and constrain movements.

The spirometric research is conducted at vertical position of a thorax, at the same time the person can sit or stand. Position of the patient (sitting or standing) depends on health, age, weight. However at any situation it is necessary to avoid trunk inclinations forward when performing respiratory maneuvers.

It is desirable to conduct a research in the first half of day.

For the purpose of obtaining true values of ventilating function of lungs it is recommended to cancel some drugs before the conducted research (it is necessary to take an interest at the doctor).

In case of impossibility of cancellation of medicine it is necessary in the direction and at the description of a spirogramma to specify drug, a way of reception, a dosage, time of the last reception.

Refusal of smoking not less than in 1,5-2 hours prior to the research.

To exclude alcohol intake within 4 hours prior to a research.

To exclude an exercise stress within 20 minutes prior to a research.

Outpatients are shown pre-stay 20 min. In the winter time patients with cold Hyper-reactivity of the respiratory tract, conducting spirographic research shows no earlier than 1 hour after exposure to fresh air.

The planned study should not be performed immediately after bronchoscopy or during 3 subsequent days (only in case of deterioration of the patient and the related assessment of the severity).

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