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Эндокринологическое отделение

Endocrinology Department

The Endocrinology Service of the Medical Centre is represented by Endocrinology Department having 9 beds and consultative reception in the Polyclinic of the Medical Centre. The medical examination and treatment is provided according to clinic protocols developed by Ministry of Health of Kazakhstan.

The head of the department is the endocrinologist of the higher  category Mrs. Gulbakhyt Akhmetova.

The department provides services for the following categories of the patients.

The medical examination of the patients is provided applying various methods and approaches. Each diabetes patient shall have trainings in the Diabetes School. The purpose of this school is to generate for them and members of their families the understanding of the essence of the disease, requirements of the diet, control of glycemia, acetonuria and interpretation of this data; self-diagnostic of the hypoglycaemia, acetoacidosis and control methods.

The patients having thyroid pathologies (diffuse toxic goitre, nodal forms), if required, should have operational intervention in surgical department (with following histological studies of the excised part of thyroid gland). In addition the patients having diabetic foot syndrome can have medical services in this department, where they could have surgical debridement of the purulo-necrotic focus, glycemia corrections, treatment of the angiopathies using antioxidants, angioprotectors, and antibiotics.

The endocrinologists of the Medical Centre also have a reception time in the Polyclinic, as well as provide consulting assistance for all departments of the Medical Centre.

Our doctors in this department  had several postgraduate trainings in leading endocrinology centres in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Almaty, Karaganda, Astana, Israel.

This department is supplied with all modern medicaments to provide medical treatment of the diabetes mellitus and its complications; anti-thyroid medicaments, HRT medicaments in case of adrenal gland, thyroid and parathyroid gland pathologies. If required the medicaments to correct pathologies of the hypothalamus-hypophysis sphere could be supplied.

Contact phone: +7 7102 74-43-45 (the Head of the Department)

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